I am about to graduate college with my degree in Agricultural Science and Horticulture.

Now what.

With no clear direction in sight, my professor for my favorite course brought up the idea of graduate school. Being a chronic indecisive, I began asking everyone for advice, and received the best I had heard yet from a close mentor.

“Everyone is going to mention the path they took, because they are justifying their choices and it worked for them. You will pick what works best for you and be fine.”

So now I am enrolled in my masters program, floundering around like I assume most first year graduate students do.

However unsteady I am about these graduate things like “research, journal articles, and conferences” I am chugging my way through.

To be honest most days I hate my life. I have a short attention span, and a nagging anxiety to go outside ALL OF THE TIME. I also now understand the idea of time off (maybe I will make a post about that later).

I also have a lot of things I am grateful for. For instance, I am the lucky student in my department who has and assistantship with the environmental center, granting me some of my much needed outdoor space. My advisor and department is super flexible, giving me a lot of freedom in my choices. I have awesome friends, and am living in a beautiful area right next to the mountains.

I seem to hate writing for classes, but love writing for blogs. I selfishly created this blog to make my assignments and musings feel like they have more meaning than for just sitting in a binder in the bottom of my closet for the rest of my life.  My posts will most likely range from article reviews, random thoughts, observations, and lifestyle reflections.

Besides other struggling graduate students, you may also maybe some how find my posts interesting if you are in fields of outdoor, adventure, or environmental education, as that is my focus area. I also deal quite often with the ideas of indigenous knowledge, spiritual and emotional connections to the outdoors, and higher education.